Bhangarh Fort Story | A Night Spent in Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort Entrance
Bhangarh Fort Entrance

After hearing and reading the haunted stories of Bhangarh Fort situated in the Alwar District of Rajasthan near Sariska Tiger Reserve, we (the group of four friends) planned a trip for this destination.

Believe it or not, Our Bhangarh Fort story also became one of the haunted stories of all time.

It was the month of September. At 11 A.M we were at Dhaula Kuan in Delhi. We were all set and pretty excited about the trip. All four of us thought, that it will be going to be like our other trips where we had enjoyed a lot. Unfortunately, this was not like our other tours. Something was different about this one.

It was not like we were going to a haunted place for the first time. But drive to Bhangarh fort was a little strange. This place was different.


As we were getting nearer to our destination, I started getting some negative vibes. When we were about to reach, on the way we saw ruins of beautiful mansions (or haveils). Finally, after spending almost 4 and a half hours in the car we reached there.

Our stomach was full as we had stopped at a hotel to have lunch. So, we decided to explore the fort.

As we were outside the fort, we saw a board. There was a warning written by the government. The board says not to enter the fort before sunrise and after sunset. Normally we would have just ignored the warning. But the warning was given by the Government of India. This seemed quite fishy to us. Also, we saw temples of Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva just outside the fort.

Inside Bhangarh Fort

Inside Bhangarh fort
Inside view

At 4 P.M we entered the fort. The entry was free. Finally, we came inside. As every one of us meandered through the long road, we saw ruins of some rooms. These were the jauhri bazaarsNachni Ki Haveli (House of dancing girls).

While walking inside the fort, we saw drought pond, some monkeys, baboons, peacock, birds and some other Animals. The fort had a magnificent architecture. We were amazed at seeing its beauty.

Outside Bhangarh fort
Area near bhangarh fort

We all were enjoying it there, exploring the desired destination.

At 6 P.M. we were outside the gate of the fort. And suddenly it started raining heavily. Then everyone decided what to do. Suddenly, one of my friends gave us an idea to spend a night there.

We all agreed and asked the guard for a hotel nearby. But there was no hotel or lodge. We requested him to let us stay with him for this night. Being a humble person, he agreed, but on one condition that no one from us will go outside until sunrise. We were staying in a room just above the temple.

A Night Spent There :

The guard started telling us stories about the fort and its historical importance and also some facts. He became friends with us. We were listening to him carefully. He told us that Bhagwant Das in the 17th century built this fort for his son Madho Singh.

A Famous Story Of The Bhangarh Fort

One story that I want to mention here which he told us is

Tantrik’s Curse

Long-time ago there was a magician whose name was N.K Sinhai. He somehow fell in love with the princess of the fort Ratnavati.

Then he decided to make the princess fall in love with him using his magic. The guy made a magical oil with his magic spells. He made oil in such a manner that anyone who will use it will come to the magician. The magician gave the oil to the princess as a gift. Princess somehow came to know about the reality of the oil. She threw it on a big rock. The rock then started coming towards the magician due to which he died. In his last words, he cursed the Bhangarh and said one day this village will become hell. The princess also died within some days after the incident. From that time there are things heard that the spirits of the magician and the princess is still roaming in the fort.

Some Strange Facts:

  1. There is a signboard by the government outside the fort. It says that people should stay away from the fort after sunset. There must be something fishy that the government itself is telling to stay away.
  2. Houses near the fort are roofless. People say that whenever they try to build a roof it collapses itself.
  3. The fort has no electricity.
  4. There you can see animals and birds like peacock, monkeys, apes, bats. This fort provides shelter to the wild animals
  5. People have heard strange sounds there at night.


My Scariest Experience ( Our Bhangarh Fort Story)

After some time, we all slept. It was around 2 A.M. my sleep was disturbed. I was thirsty and looking for water. Just outside the temple, I saw a bottle full of water.

My thirst took me outside. I don’t know whether you will believe me or not, what I am going to tell you, but it was the scariest thing ever happened to me in my whole life. While I was drinking water outside, I started hearing some strange sounds. Like someone was taking my name in a low sound. It was really scary. Just after that, I saw a lady flying in a white dress. She was standing at a distance of 20 feet from me. Being nervous and completely in fear, I ran towards the room, where everyone was sleeping.

I waked everyone and told them what happened. We all were suffering from fear and nervousness. The guard scolded me as he had warned us not to go outside.

We somehow spent the night in complete fearfulness. In the morning we got out of this place. This was the one night I will never able to forget.

After this incident, we never planned a trip to any haunted place.

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By – Shubham Kukreti

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