Mehandipur Balaji Temple Mystery

Mehandipur balaji
Mehandipur Balaji

Hey! Are you curious to know about the mystery of Mehandipur Balaji Temple? Or what is actually true. Then yes, you are in the right place.

Some Temples in India are full of mystery. Very few of us know about them. Mehandipur Balaji Temple Mystery is also known to very few people.

In order to reveal some secrets of this mysterious temple, we (four friends) stayed there for a couple of weak.

One of our friends was a relative of the main priest of the temple. Because of this, we were free to talk to him and ask any questions we desire. Also, we talked to the people who were suffering due to evil spirits and were there to get cured.

If I will try to give you a brief summary of what we got to know from the priest and the people suffering from evilness. Then it will be like this-

Long ago the statues of Shree Balaji Maharaj, Shree Bhairav Baba, and Shree Pret Raj Sarkar came out on their own in Mehandipur village. A true devotee of Balaji saw a dream that the three statues came out. In his dream, Balaji came and said that I am there to cure anyone who is suffering from exorcism.

How people get cured?

According to the priest, in Mehandipur there is a divine power of Lord Balaji. This power fights with the evil spirits present inside the body of humans.

Lord Balaji gives instructions to Shree Bhairav Baba and Shree Pret Raj Sarkar on how to deal with the spirits. They also have divine powers. And it is because of this power they beat the spirits which don’t want to leave the human bodies.

Also, we asked the priest why many of the people are tied in chains?

In answer to this, he told us that many spirits inside human bodies try to do unacceptable things. Like hurting the bodies in which they are present, tearing clothes and many more things.

Why not take Prashad for the home?

The reason why it is advisable not to take Prashad, water or food from the temple for home is that spirits can enter into these things. And there is a chance that they can come with you at home.

Why not to look back before leaving for home?

If you are leaving for home then please don’t look back. The reason given by the priest was “who knows an evil spirit is waiting for you to look back so that they can come with you”.

Why not to eat Onion, Garlic, and non-veg food if you are in Mehandipur?

According to Hindu religion food is divided into three categories –

  1. Rajasic food
  2. Tamasic food
  3. Saatvik food

Onion, garlic and non-veg food come in the category of Taamasic food. This food is loved by Evil spirits and hated by Lords. This is the reason why it is advisable not to eat these things if you are in Mehandipur.

People suffering from evilness told us that they have complete faith in Lord Balaji. Also, it is because of Balaji that they are getting better day by day.

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