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Introduction: Shani Shingnapur Temple

Shani Shingnapur or Sonai is a village located in Ahmed District of Maharashtra. This village is famous for having one of the most divine temple of Hindu lord Shani (shani symbolizes planet Saturn). People believe that God Shani reside in black stone there till date.

Shani Shingnapur Phone No.

02427 238110 , 02427 238108

Shani Shingnapur Address

Shanishingnapur, Post: Sonai,
Taluka: Nevasa,
Dist.: Ahamadnagar Pin. 414 105.
Maharashtra, India.


Picture of Lord Shani inside black stone
Lord Shani inside black stone

More About Shani Shingnapur

The temple is believed to be Jeet Devasthanam (alive temple). The deity (divine statue) is of black color and has emerged on its own. People from all over India come to visit this temple. Devotion and respect for lord Shani in heart of people coming there and living near it is unmeasurable.

Saturdays, Amavasya and Shri Shaneshwar Jayanti are the days on which there is the most crowd in the temple. The enthusiasm for the lord Shani on this day rises to the next level. After the visit one can attend the free delicious langar.

This village has a post office and a high school too. Main source of water supply there is well.

Outside view of Shani Shingnapur temple
Shani Shingnapur temple

Shani Shingnapur temple timings:

The temple is opened for 24 hours in the day, meaning it is never closed. One can visit there at any time even at 12 a.m.

Temple Timings:

12 a.m. to 12 a.m : Everyday

Shani Shingnapur to Shirdi

After a visit to this temple one can easily find a bus from Shani Shingnapur to Shirdi to visit another famous temple of Sai Baba. Shani Shingapur distance from Shirdi is 92.5 Km and it may take approximately 2hrs to reach there.

Worshipping Lord Shani

There are many shops available just outside the temple. From there you can buy items such as sesame oil, mustard oil, iron, flower, coconut barfi as prasad etc. Oil is poured on the statue of Lord Shani.


Interesting facts (only few know)

  • No house in the village has doors, only door frames.
  • Still no case of theft has been reported. People has a strong believe that whosoever tries to steal anything in the village, Lord Shani will give punishment to him.
  • On the way to the temple there are many sugarcane fields. Local people use bulls instead of machine to extract juices.


Well no one exactly knows when the statue emerged from land. But people believe that first the shepherds found the statue at the starting of kal Yuga. After they saw statue for the first time, shepherds touched the stone with the pointed rod. Then it started bleeding.

On that night Lord Shani came in the dream of one of the shepherds. He told him that the black stone is his swayambhu form. The shepherd asked him if he should construct a temple for him. Lord Shani replied that he will prefer to stay under open sky as the whole sky is his roof. He also told him to worship and pour oil on every Saturday.

This is the reason why Statue of Lord Shani is under open sky



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by – Rahul Choudhary

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