Dundurn Castle


12 P.M. to 4 P.M. (can be booked for the wedding after 4 P.M.)

Entry Fees –

$11.50 per adult,

 $9.50 per senior and student,

  $6.00 per child.

Children 6 and under are free.

Image of Dundurn Castle
Dundurn Castle



Dundurn Castle is located on Burlington Heights in Hamilton.  It is here since 1835. It makes it almost 200 years old. If you are not familiar or not from Hamilton and looking for a good place to visit, in a place of fun, creepiness, and ghost. Burlington Heights is a great place to start. You have Hamilton Cemetery across the street. One of the oldest cemeteries in Canada.

During the War of 1812, the British Army established a military post at the site.  Sir Allan MacNab later incorporated elements of the post into the construction of Dundurn Castle during the 1830s.

Dundurn is not actually a castle, rather a villa. It was nicknamed castle by the people of Hamilton.

Inside Dundurn Castle

It was the wedding of my beloved friend in the castle. And so, I didn’t visit there as a regular tourist. I almost saw every part of the castle. This villa has 40 rooms open to the public. The rooms are well furnished. They will remind you of how people used to live in the mid-19th century.



Inside View of Dundurn Castle
Inside View

Inside view of Dundurn Castle

There were Dining tables, candles, paintings, some craftworks, and chandelier. All of these things were well maintained by the staff. It took me almost one and a half hours to cover every part of the castle. Dundurn is a true beauty both from outside and inside.

My Scariest Experience at Dundurn Castle

Wedding photography at the castle goes hand to hand in history. As I mentioned earlier, I was at Dundurn Castle to attend the wedding of my best friend. There we enjoyed a lot. Unfortunately, this castle was not only for wedding, but it was something like haunted. Our group of friends doesn’t use to believe in ghosts. But during the wedding, I came across an uncertain incident.

It was 8:00 p.m. I was a little bit drunk but was in my full consciousness. I was on the way to use the washroom. There what I saw was seriously unbelievable and unacceptable. I was waiting outside, as someone was already inside the washroom. After a while, a lady came out. She gave me a smile and then went away. After that, I came inside.

After coming outside, I was going to join my group. On the way, I saw a painting of the same lady whom I met outside the bathroom. There was a maid, I asked her who is she. Her answer gave me some real goosebumps. She said that this is the painting is of Sophie Macnab. I asked her who is she. She told me Sophie was the daughter of Sir Allan Macnab who reconstructed this castle. Also, Sophie had died years ago.

Listening to the answer I was trembling. I told my friends about the incidents. But they were not listening to me. They thought I am drunk. That’s why I am saying all these shitty things.

Somehow, I stayed there until it was 10 P.M. and then took a cab for my home.

This experience was really Scary. I will suggest you not to go there at night.

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