Salar Jung Museum (Entry Fee, collections, how to reach)

Salar Jung Museum : On the southern Banks of the river Musi lies one of the four national Museums of India, Salar Jung Museum. The place is very close to popular tourist spots in Hyderabad. Some spots near the museum are Charminal, State Central Library , Mecca Masjid e.t.c

Salar Jung Museum

Salar Jung Museum: Address and phone no.

22-8-299/320, Salar Jung Road, Nayapul, Darul Shifa, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500002, India


Entry fees

Indian – Rs. 20

Foreigner – Rs. 500

Students with Id Cards (up to 18 years) – Free

Defense personnel in uniform – 50% concession

Cost for taking camera – Rs. 50


It is the third largest museum in India. The museum covers almost 10 acres of land. Salar Jung Museum was Inaugurated By Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru (first prime minister of India). On 16 December 1951. One can say that it is a mine of artifacts and antiques.

Nawab Mir Yousuf Ali Khan or Salar Jung 3 was the one who collected all the materials from all over the world. He spent almost 36 years of his Life and a good amount of money collecting them.

Salar jung museum on the shore of Musi River
Museum on the shore of Musi River

This place has almost a collection of 43,000 objects, 47,000 printed books, 9,000 manuscripts. It has 39 galleries spread across three sections. If we talk about the items this museum contains, the list is never Ending. Still I have tried to showcase some of the main collections below:

More about Collections and arts of Salar Jung Museum

List of some arts

      • Indian Art
      • Far Eastern Art
      • Children Art
      • Middle Easter Art
      • European Art

Some more Collections

    • Rehal, the Jade books stand
    • Fruit knife of Noorjehan
    • Dragger of Jahangir
    • Set of Ivory Chairs
    • Valuable Encyclopedia from ancient times
    • Rare paintings
      • Some images 

      • Collection from Salar Jung Museum
        Salar jung museum art
        Museum art

        Workshops, Exhibition and Unique Quran

        Salar Jung Museum organizes various workshops and Exhibition. Also, it publishes books, guide books and brochures for complete understanding of the museum and its history. The gallery also contains a Quran written with gold and silver. It also consists of works by modern Indian art workers like Rabindranath Tagore, Nandalal Bose and many others.

        How to reach there

        Important railway stations near to the place are Kachiguda and Nam Pally which are 3 miles away from the spot. Also, buses from all parts of the city are available to reach there.


        Map for salar Jung Museum


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